The summer has arrived and if you are still in search of the appropriate swimsuit for this season, then we have the solution., for the second consecutive year, collaborates with the top brand Bluemint and gives you the chance to get the most in-fashion swimwear for 2018!

Why choose Bluemint? Because Bluemint ensures not only the highest quality in swimsuits, T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts and shoes in order for you to create the perfect outfit, but also offers comfort and of course a unique and unsurpassed look.

With more than 60 prints and colors available in, Bluemint’s new Spring / Summer 2018 collection consists of monochrome swimsuits in bright and pale summer tones, printed swimsuits with repeating motifs and nature inspired prints as well as photographic collection with images that reflect the uniqueness of the Mediterranean. Also special is the collection of swimsuits with Japanese Fabric, a lightweight and soft cloth, in bright colors and elegant micro-prints!

Being the number one choice of all jetsetters around the world, Bluemint swimsuits will be your partner in the most carefree moments of summer and with the variety of prints available, you will be able to saw your personality and style. Moreover, thanks to the special composition of the products, the swimwear dries fast so that you are 100% comfortable all day at the beach.

Bluemint swimsuits have lively but serious style, exuding exactly what you want for yourself. To give a modern touch to your summer look and create the best combinations with Bluemint products. Comfort, quality, style:  feel the confidence you deserve and enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest!

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