From the beginning

The store concept

Clothing Distributions SA has been active in the franchise business since 1994 and is accredited successful cases of many shops in various parts of Greece. Providing solutions from the initial design to the final form, but even at the stage of operation of the store, we care for the efficient implementation of your investment. We also provide know how, full commercial support and assistance in product selection in order to achieve our common goals.

the design

The candidate

The prospective franchisee should have the qualifications which will serve as the foundation of a good cooperation. The experience in the field of apparel is not necessary, in contrast with the willingness for cooperation and openness to the company’s suggestions. Moreover, being the owner of the site which will house the Camel Shop is important yet not a necessary condition.

the implementation

The investment

So invest in one of the most emerging companies in menswear and trust the quality and durability of Camel Active products. Our experience and the booming performance of the brand in the Greek market, guarantee your investment and the success of this venture!

the result