Earth, water, plants, colors same as those that we seem to think of when we bring to mind the early days of spring. Vietnam, Southeast Asia’s easternmost country, can be the best place to express the image that Camel Active chose as the inspiration starting point for the new Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Camel Active, leading brand in men’s clothing and inspired by unique and different places worldwide, bases the collection of this season on the experiences through “Crossing in Vietnam” and for once again creates its own individual statement.

The basic Heritage collection named “Memories of Tomorrow” promises just what it means: irresistible and innovative style that ensures absolute experiences for today and for tomorrow. Camel Active gives the modern man the opportunity to be functional, fashionable, attractive and confident, by wearing high quality clothes on every occasion.

The new collection is based on an innovative retro style –based on the brand’s typical DNA- with influences from timeless 1950s resort wear and strong military inspirations that set the tone for Camel Active menswear’s Heritage segment. Focusing on offering comfort and protection, clothes can perfectly suit to every type of silhouette, so as to perfectly fit each man. Wondering what are the new items?

Blazers in updated styles, Jersey jackets, field jackets, oversized parkas with clean, crisp lines and light-coloured leather jackets that convey a sense of summery lightness. Long- and short-sleeved linen shirts in 7 different summer colors and for the very first time linen pullovers that offer a cooler feeling. Sweaters embrace vintage military details, that upgrade your appearance’s styl. Comfortable and stylish T-shirts with prints and a vast choice of colors for plain polo and Hanley shirts.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection would be incomplete without the unique quality of Camel Active’s trousers. Starting from the classic masculine denims, blue denim comes in very bright to very dark shades and is complemented by black dyes. With linen chino bermudas, linen chino and cargo pants with several different pocket types, Camel Active guarantees the highest quality and comfort throughout the day on every occasion. The new collection is completed with accessories for every type of taste, bags and unique footwear such as loafer and desert boots and low-cut sneakers that will give a boost to your spring outfit.

“Everything is possible in Spring/Summer 2018.”

Guido Johnen, Creative Director – Camel Active