What one thing looks effortlessly stylish on pretty much everyone is a a crisp shirt, the must have for a men’s closet. Either it is monochrome, patterned or checked his choice shows his personality, style and mood.

Seidensticker the ultimate shirt brand relies its success on 2 main values: elegance and high quality – two characteristics that a man is seeking when the purchase of a shirt comes up. The main characteristics of Seidensticker shirts are the 100% cotton synthesis, the natural stretch, the perfect seams, the non-iron finishing and the discreet details in the collar and the cuff.

In the beginning of 2017 Seidensticker makes a step further on its product strategy by offering five Brand NEW fits attending to every body shape. The main difference between the fits is the different waist dimensions – an important aspect that determines the shirt purchase.

Specifically, the collections X-slim and Slim are the close-fitting one’s, the Tailored Fit collection is the one that makes the perfect fit for all body shapes and finally the Modern and Comfort collections are the loose ones offering a cool shirt approach. Specifically:


The shirts of the X-Slim collection are the narrowest of all collections. The natural stretch makes the perfect fit. Men with narrow waist and chest will choose this fit. Indicatively, the collar size 40 equals to a waist with a perimeter of about 94 cm. Available in XS-XL.


The Slim collection embrace the body because of the natural stretch. The difference between Slim and X-slim fits is the waist perimeter. Specifically, Slim shirts are 4cm wider than the X-slim shirts. Available in XS-XXL.


The Tailored collection is the regular fit one. This fit attends to various body shapes and promises comfort. Men with athletic bodies will choose the Tailored shirt collection. Indicatively, the collar size 40 equals to a waist perimeter of about 102 cm. Available in S-XXL.


The modern collection is the loose fit for better ease of movement available with free finishing. Indicatively, the medium collar size means 106cm waist perimeter. Available in S-6XL.


The comfort collection is the most comfortable fit of the brand which offers ease of movement. Men with wide waist will adore this collection and will feel free into the shirt.  Indicatively the medium collar size (39/40) equals to a waist perimeter of about 114cm. Available in S-6XL.

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