The journey of Camel Active for season Autumn / Winter 2014-15 continued in Lapland. In one of the most hard to reach parts of the planet, the Camel Active, makes her own campaign and is ready to “understand” the Greek market for another season. Inspired by the culture of the local people, the Saami, who continue to live in most of advantage what nature gave them. Snow! 

With a collection that stands for quality and modern aesthetics, Camel Active, holds data that established as a powerful brand and adds “touches” modern philosophy. Thus, apart from the shirts, knitted, trousers, jackets and coats, which are his trademark brand, the collection is enriched with narrow chinos, trousers and denim, while a different perspective and will find jackets. 

Meet the Camel Active collection for season Autumn / Winter 2014-15 at selected stores throughout Greece.