One could say that the annual Thanksgiving celebration in the U.S. doesn’t last just for a day. This happens because the day after Thanksgiving, and to be more specific November’s last Friday, is actually a “little” fest for buyers and merchants. Even though the sellers can’t be included in the fest-members, as they are confronted with hordes of people who want to buy everything they see in stores at extremely low prices, yes, we can definitely say that this day is a major “shopping celebration” and especially the Christmas shopping celebration. Well, you guessed right: it’s Black Friday.

Black Friday, one of the biggest happenings in the States, has been established since 1952 and has lately been adopted by other countries in the western world, signaling the opening of the Christmas markets and the increased revenue for the stores.

How did Black Friday originate?

Many theories exist about the origin of the name attributed to Black Friday, but the two following are considered as the most prevalent: the first explanation which is placed in the state of Philadelphia and dates back to 1961, is about describing the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic that would occur on that specific day every year. Over the decades, however, a new explanation came up and seems to be more accurate. The name “black” represents the color change of the “red” stocks that existed during the year in “black”, indicating their increase on the fourth Friday of November.

Over the past few years, the popularity of the Black Friday event has increased in more and more Greek stores, giving people the opportunity to obtain the products they wish  in low cost.

This year, however, another big surprise is about to come. Clothing Distributions welcome the festive – Christmas season with Black … 3Day! In the 23rd-24th-25th of November, a Black Thursday – Friday and Saturday combo is available in order to purchase your favorite items with great deals! Visit our stores or website, discover unique products and choose the ones that suit you at the lowest prices!


True Religion: up to -70%

Camel Active: Men’s Jackets with -25%

Camel Active: Trousers -20%

Camel Active: Women’s Jackets with -20%

Camel Active: Total Outfit (with jacket, shirt, trousers and shoes) -30%

Seidensticker and Jacques Britt: Shirts with -20%

Well, are you still thinking about it? Black three-days, Clodist and … you are ready for the festive season!