A brand new digital destination was created to offer a new and fresh personal shopping experience!

As simple as the dressing process may seem to be, there is always the option to follow the advice of professional experts, known to us as clothists. This concept serves as the backbone of our online store. Backed up by 20 years of experience in the clothing sector, a small group within our company designed your personal clothist.

The journey of our online store CLODIST began through a word pun between our title “Clothing Distributions S.A.” and the specialist in clothing “Clothist”.

Discover in the world of Clodist the complete collections of your favorite brands Camel Active, True Religion, Seidensticker, Jacques Britt for purchases that will accompany you every day and in all circumstances.

Fast delivery with free shipping and a well-structured customer support make your shopping as easy as a mouse click!

Visit now the new eshop & enjoy the unique Clodist experience!