Camel Active travels every season and gets inspiration through the places that visits which are reflected after at its design of its clothing and footwear.  The new collection for Fall / Winter 2017 is inspired by Vancouver, which is rewarded as the top city in quality of life.

Vancouver harmoniously combines forests, mountains and lakes with a background of huge glass skyscrapers.  It has been characterized as the city of contrasts since you can easily do mountain skiing in the morning and enjoy moments of relaxation on some Pacific beach in the afternoon.

These contrasts led to the creation of this year’s collection that promises to meet the needs of the modern man which are: comfort, functionality and impeccable style through a wide variety of clothing and footwear for all your business or excursion activities. 

Contrasts in the new collection are expressed through the functionality of the products which is the DNA of Camel Active and through the color combinations that reflect this season’s trends.


Jackets and parka available as one piece but composed of 2 and worn in 3 different ways.

Shirts, plaid – monochrome – patterned, promise to accompany you from morning till night, while sweaters, cardigans and polo t-shirts will be part of this season collection too.

Pants in chino, cargo and 5-pocket style redefine the military and country trend.

Footwear in brown, black, beige, blue and gray will fully support your dressing choices, offering comfort in movement.

Accessories such as scarves, belts and hats will give the final touch to your appearance.

Life is full of contrasts – experience them with style at!