With the strict dress code disappearing slowly from most workplaces, dressing at work should not be characterized by a monotonous and boring style.  The more relaxed styling frame gives you the opportunity to show off your personal style.  And if you’re wondering how this is going to happen … Seidensticker has the solution!  The new “Spring / Summer 2018” collection comes to overturn the rules and bring dressing for work and everyday life much closer, reducing the differences that divide the two worlds.

Express yourself, show off your personality and personal style and combine good taste and quality with the new Seidensticker collection, the ultimate brand for men’s shirts.  By uniting the official with everyday, give yourself the elegance and comfort you need in your everyday life to meet the demands of your work and of course impress.

The new Spring / Summer 2018 Seidensticker collection retains the uniquely high quality of its clothes and for this season launches shirts with a lighter and lively style.  Based on classic tones, with shades of blue and white dominating, the collection is complemented by pieces in tones such as light yellow, light purple, orange and green.  Monochrome, plaid, striped, or printed, give a special look at the garment you wear, while the lighter fabric texture, as well as the loose collar and sleeve, give you a unique sense of comfort during the day.

The 5 different fits of the brand – from the slimmer to the most comfortable – will cover all body styles and will give the comfort that a modern man looks for, in his demanding daily routine.

Is there anything better than the unsurpassed style that offers comfort?  Discover the new Seidensticker Spring / Summer 2018 collection at clodist.gr and be the first to make your favorite pieces yours.